ROOT Technologies Launches Rewards Me for the Egyptian Market

The industry first platform now enables malls and shops to offer an online rewards program to its customers without any large upfront financial commitment.

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The Total Solution Consists of Three Platforms

Rewards Me
Rewards Me is a cloud based online platform that enables each store to be connected to the platform. Once shoppers are registered, each time they make a purchase they’re able to earn points. Built in features enable stores to set point values, redemption levels as well as create tiered reward levels such as gold and platinum. All at the click of a button. E-statements lets members track points and keep abreast of latest offers.
With the Communicator, malls and shops can send professional looking e-shots and e-newsletters with their own branding including pictures, content, links and downloads. The Communicator lets you build your own lists and track when emails are opened and what content customers are looking at. Information can then be used later for sending personalized messages.
The companion point of sale platform provides the added convenience of a multi-brand, multi-warehouse, multi-location point of sale including inventory control, delivery management, CRM and service time management.

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