ROOT Technologies Launches Rewards Me for the Egyptian Community

Industry first platform enables malls and shops to quickly and cost-effectively deploy a rewards program


ROOT Technologies, (, the region’s leading online platforms provider, has announced the launch of its loyalty and rewards platform, Rewards Me for malls and shops throughout Egypt.  The industry first platform now enables malls and shops to offer an online rewards program to its customers without any large upfront financial commitment.

Commenting on the announcement, Ahmed Issa, CEO, ROOT Technologies noted, “Rewarding shoppers encourages repeat visits and is a value added service customers have come to expect.  Now with Rewards Me, malls and shops have a way to start rewarding customers in a matter of weeks without any large upfront financial commitment.”

The Total Solution Consists of Three Platforms

Rewards Me

Rewards Me is a cloud based online platform that enables each store to be connected to the platform.  Once shoppers are registered, each time they make a purchase they’re able to start earning points.  Built in features enable stores to set point values, redemption levels as well as create tiered reward levels such as gold and platinum.  All at the click of a button.  E-statements let members track points and keep abreast of latest offers.

The pioneering concept requires no hardware set up and only requires an Internet connection.  Thus cost burdens of developing a system in house are eliminated as well as the lengthy timeframes it takes to develop custom software.  Rewards Me can be up and running in a matter of weeks versus the several months it takes to roll out software.

A user friendly dashboard lets you gather invaluable data such as member purchases and frequency.  This gives you invaluable insight into planning future campaigns while rewarding your best customers.  Rewards Me also rewards and incentivizes your sales force by keeping track of the new members and rewards points they’ve registered.  


In order to start planning future campaigns, ROOT Technologies also offers its digital marketing platform, the Communicator to keep rewarded customers engaged and coming back for more.

“Most companies launch a rewards program and then make the common mistake of not communicating to its customers.  A simple thank you or personalized recommendations in addition to the rewards earned go a long way in getting their attention,” added Issa.

With the Communicator, shops can send professional looking e-shots and e-newsletters with their own branding including pictures, content, links and downloads.  The Communicator lets you build your own lists and track when emails are opened and what content they’re looking at.  Information can then be used later for sending personalized messages.


The companion point of sale platform provides the added convenience of a multi-brand, multi-warehouse, multi-location point of sale including inventory control, delivery management, CRM and service time management.

Rewards Me along with the Communicator and POS platforms are available now, with any mall or shop in Egypt eligible for the Rewards Me launch offer.   The entire suite is ideal for any sector including automotive, retail, food and beverage, entertainment, transportation, manufacturing and hospitality.  For more information and to sign up please visit,